The wrestling world has been a buzz over the news of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff’s new WWE roles. The news broke on Thursday morning that Heyman and Bischoff were to start as Executive Directors of television. With Paul Heyman taking over RAW, and Eric Bischoff taking over Smackdown Live. Both will oversee the creative department, and will have similar roles to Triple H with NXT.

At least, that’s how things look on paper. While Heyman and Bischoff will have full creative control over their shows, they will still answer to Vince McMahon. When the news first broke, it was reported that the two would be “eased in” to their new roles. This appears to not be the case.

It seems that WWE had sent out an email blast promoting tickets to next week’s RAW and Smackdown Live. But who did the WWE feature on the promotional banners?

Heyman and Bischoff in WWE promotional email
So much for being “eased in”.

Paul Heyman “eased” in?

Well this is awkward. In all honesty, has anyone that the WWE has hired ever “eased” into a role? Along with the pictures, there was a tease that if you buy tickets for this week’s shows, you’ll get to see what they have planned for their brands. The email seems to have been a communication error, and reports say this is a prime example of why these two were brought in. To make sure everyone on their teams are on the same page.

No matter what happens on this week’s shows, WWE has the headlines once again. Having two creative minds like Heyman and Bischoff at the head of your flagship television shows is going to generate some buzz. Only time will tell if it will be what is best for business.

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