Heman on front on castle grayskull
I have the power!

As I browsed IMDB to see what movies release this year, i reached December and found something interesting. The new Masters of the Universe movie that has been in pre-production forever was scheduled for December 2019. It didn’t have a single actor or director and was due at the end of the year? The studio released a new date. Masters of the Universe not only has its lead actor, director, but a brand new release date.

According to Deadline, the new Masters of the Universe release date is March 5, 2021. The film is set to be directed by Aaron and Adam Nee with a script from Ironman’s Matt Holloway and Art Mercum. March used to be a dumping ground, but given the comic book movies successes in March, it has become quite the place for pre-summer tent pole movies. While this would seem like a vote of confidence for the film, is there really anything to judge it on yet?

Like The Crow and Dark Crystal movies that were rumored to be in production for years, both of these projects died on the big screen. Dark Crystal even hit pre-production artwork and planning before cancellation and shifting to a Netflix release later this year. Will Masters of the Universe fall through the cracks, or does it finally get off the ground?

How Will They Handle He-Man and the Masters of the Universe?

He-Man; Masters of the Universe

It recently cast Noah Centineo as Adam/He-Man. Known for the show The Fosters, Noah is 6’1″ but has a high school kid’s build. When it comes time for He-Man, the look remains a mystery. CGI, body suit or another actor could explain the transformation.

No word has leaked yet on how the show will be done. Will it resemble the cartoons and be on Eternia, or will it be more akin to the 1987 version where He-Man, played by Dolph Lundgren, and a few compatriots come to Earth for their adventure. We also have no idea which of the rogues gallery and hero troupe will be used.

He-man from 1987
He-man, Teela and Man-at-arms

Masters of the Universe is one of the throwbacks/remakes that really need to get out of limbo and hit theaters. Let’s hope it can keep its forward momentum….and be good!