Star Trek 4

UPDATE: Paramount Firmly Denies All Rumors Of Star Trek Films Being Paused Indefinitely

After this story originally broke, Paramount denied any rumors of the demise of Star Trek films. The original article follows this statement. For right now, we still don’t have word on Star Trek 4 or any of the other films in development.

The Star Trek film franchise was doing pretty solid for awhile there. The first film, Star Trek, set up a new cast and made a bundle at the box office. It’s sequel, Star Trek: Into Darkness infuriated fans, but also made a bundle at the box office. Star Trek: Beyond was more of the same, except with less of a fan backlash. So it seemed like a lock for a fourth film to come at some point. According to GiantFreakinRobot, those plans are on hold indefinitely. In addition to the fourth film being on hold, any other film product involving Trek is on hold. Paramount isn’t in the business of making Trek films apparently. They’ll still make the television shows and plans could change if one of the shows becomes more popular.

Multiple Directors Of Star Trek Films Affected

If you ask “hardcore” Trek fans however, the likelihood of that happening is slim. Picard and Star Trek: Discovery were met with critical success, but long-time fans of the shows have some questions about both products. What this also unfortunately means is that the Quentin Tarantino Star Trek film is dead as well. He had already exited that film due to outside circumstances, but the hope that he could return or that the film could get made with a different director, is done.

Another director affected by this was Noah Hawley. He had an untitled Star Trek project in the pipeline, but now his film is also dead. His film, which might have been more dark and dreary, could have infuriated hardcore fans even more not interested in the gritty, dark, portrayal of Trek.

The show is after all, about the future where people live in harmony and the exploration of the universe. So for fans of the new cast in the film series, this is a huge blow. We’ll have to see what more news brings us, and Paramount could always decide to change their mind.

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Source: GiantFreakinRobot