With all the controversy surrounding the Star Wars sequel trilogy, some wondered if the forty-three year-old franchise had lost its luster. Criticism was high following The Last Jedi. Likewise, The Rise of Skywalker (from a certain point of view) didn’t deliver, either. The critical eyes on Star Wars didn’t stop their gaze at the films, either. Producer Dave Filoni primarily left Star Wars Resistance to subordinates…. And it showed. Disney needed a grand slam for the Lucasfilm franchise. Boy howdy, did it get it with The Mandalorian. With its seven Emmy wins, The Mandalorian ties the original, 1977 film for most awarded Star Wars production of the franchise.

Most awarded Star wars; The Mandalorian

Star Wars (later renamed A New Hope) set the bar high by winning seven Oscars. For forty-two years it reigned as king of the franchise when it came to critical awards. No other entry even came close. Believe it or not, the next, most awarded Star Wars production was The Empire Strikes Back, with two Oscars three years later. Not even the critically-acclaimed The Clone Wars won more than one award. So what made The Mandalorian so special that it tied a four decades-long franchise record?

The Mandalorian ties for most awarded Star Wars product ever

Last week we told you about the show’s first five Emmy awards. (You can see that list in the link above.) The show would go on to earn two more Emmys before the presentations concluded. Awards for best stunt coordination and outstanding musical composition brought the tally to seven. So yes, what was it about the show to make it one of the most awarded Star Wars productions ever? Well, pretty much…. Everything. First and foremost, Lucasfilm chose two individuals who fully understand Star Wars to run The Mandalorian. Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are true fans of the franchise and unquestionably understand its mythos.

Groundbreaking technology certainly played a part, as well. Look no further than “The Volume” in which the show is primarily filmed. And, as we’ve noted previously, music is absolutely key to Star Wars. Ludwig Göransson more than delivered when it comes to The Mandalorian.

most awarded star wars; the mandalorian

No composer other than John Williams has delivered such an iconic and resonating score to Star Wars. Becoming the most awarded Star Wars production alongside A New Hope is more than deserved.

The pressure is on now, though. Season 2 begins on Disney+ in just forty days. Living up to what the show achieved in Season 1 will be a difficult task. What do you think? Will The Mandalorian continue to show why it became one of the most awarded Star Wars productions ever? Or will it suffer a “sophomore slump” as many shows do? Let us know your thoughts below!