It’s not uncommon for IPs to get fun game versions of themselves, and now it’s Bridgertons turn! The hit series from Shondaland and Netflix is getting its very own classic board games!


In a written announcement from Lady Whistledown herself, she is excited to announce a partnership with the honorable Hasbro will release not one, but two new games inspired by Bridgerton just in time for the series second season debut! 

The first game to be played is Monopoly: Bridgerton Edition. In this version of the game, players will promenade to decadent locations around Regency London. In doing so, they hope to raise their social standings by snapping up properties faster than you can say “Lady Featherington in florals”. 

There is also a twist on the classic tokens with ones that are shaped like items from the series. While the spaces include classic Bridgerton spots like Danbury Ball, Hastings House, and the Boxing Gym. Of course, the came wouldn’t be complete without its own set of Lady Whistledown Cards. To win, just like the classic, you must be the last player with coins.

However, the true mystery and scandal of Bridgerton come alive with the second game, Clue: Bridgerton Edition. Get ready for secrets and rumors worthy of Lady Whistledown to aid you in helping the anonymous gossip queen uncover the biggest scandal of the season! Can you use the clues to correctly identify which young lord or lady is the subject of the scandal? How are they caught? As well as the location of the torrid tryst.

Throughout the game, Scandal cards help players get closer to solving the mystery, but no one is safe when Lady Whistledown is involved. Players who draw a Scandal card must also confess a salacious tidbit about themselves. The first player to make the correct accusation wins the game!

Both of these new Bridgerton games will make their societal debut this spring and will cost $27.99 each.