The edgy animated series, Big Mouth has a new trailer, poster, and a release date for season three. The third season arrives October 4th on Netflix and will be available to binge immediately. Following the revelation of the second season that Nick is finally going through puberty, the third season has to go over the top of that.

Big Mouth‘s third season will focus all about what it means to hit puberty in 2019. Yes, that means everything about 2019 and what puberty means to kids these days. The show doesn’t pull any punches and focuses on various issues involved in teenage life like, cell phone use, masculinity, female anger, how to orgasm, and everything else that’s crass or vulgar that you can think of.

New Players in Big Mouth Season 3

With a new season that means new cast members and new hormone monsters. Ali Wong joins as a new student who shakes up the school with her new and different sexuality. Thandie Newton plays Missy’s new Hormone Monstress, who is bound to clash with our old Hormone Monsters and Monstresses.

This new season is primed to be bigger and better than the previous two with all of your favorite characters returning, new characters joining, and even a Netflix crossover with Queer Eye.

What To Look Forward To

Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg have sculpted a great animated show with Big Mouth that has heart and soul that also knows when to be as vulgar as possible to get a point across. It’s one of the best shows that Netflix has going for itself right now. If the trailer is any indication, this season will have more crazy animated action than the previous two. Find out all about the third season and watch it with the rest of us when it drops on October 4th.

All images and audio are courtesy of Netflix.