When Prime Video announced that The Wilds would be getting a season 2 fans rejoiced! However, when the creators shared that 8 new male characters would be joining the fray it ruffled a few feathers. 

However, I feel if you understand the premise of the series the addition of male characters was inevitable. The real question for me is, how much with the girls’ stories suffer in order to incorporate them? Well, after watching season 2 I have my answer.


As we learned in season one of The Wilds, Gretchen believes that an all-female society will live in peace and harmony. While a male lead society, like the one we live in now, is full of chaos and war. So, she sets out to do an illegal experiment by tricking parents of young adults to send their angsty children to an all-girl/all-boy retreat in Hawaii. 

Similar to the girls, each member of The Twilight of Adam knows each other on different levels. We have Rafael aka Raf and Josh who go to the same school but aren’t friends. Beau and Scotty are BFFs. Taylor and Kieran are classmates who aren’t quite mortal enemies but have definitely come to their own blows. Then, there’s Henry and Seth – stepbrothers who couldn’t be more different if they tried.

The tone of the series and how the boys interact are starkly different from the girls in season one. The boys are much more argumentative and distrusting, they all keep secrets from each other. You can see that Gretchen’s theory could possibly be true. However, the one thing I’ll say about this season is: do not trust a book by its cover.


While I do feel the addition of the boys for season 2 was necessary to the plot of the entire series they are wildly underdeveloped. Unlike the girl in season one, we barely get to know who these kids were before coming to the island, let alone why they were chosen in the first place. Every backstory barely scratches the surface leaving the viewer unsatisfied and uncaring.

However, that being said, I do appreciate the darker themes they take on. Season two gets even darling taking on mental health, more forms of abuse, keyboard warriors, and sexual assault in all its forms.

While the boys are taking on these darker themes, the women feel left behind. Tony and Shelby are living Happily-Ever-After. Rachel is dealing with the loss of her sister. Dot gets a pimple while learning to relax.  Martha has zero storylines until the end. Fatin is getting her Nancy Drew on. And Leah has somehow become the main character in the series, while the rest are kind of left in her wake. 


Season 2 of The Wilds very much feels like a season 2 and that has zero to do with the boys themselves. While we have new characters on their own arcs who finally come together, and yet they get nowhere. The writing is stagnant, and the lack of character development on all sides is detrimental to what could’ve been an explosive season. 

Phase 2, I mean, season 2 definitely watches like a means to an end. The writers had to get the two groups together in order for the culmination of Phase 3 to commence. While there’s no official announcement of a season 3 for The Wilds the finale of season 2 begs for one. Hopefully, we’re in for a final wild ride.

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