Ever wanted to own a replica of Luminara Unduli’s and Asajj Ventress’s lightsabers? Complete with their own collectible cases? Well, don’t worry about it. Disney’s Hollywood Studios has you covered there, even if you have to fork over quite a bit of cash to get them.

2 Lightsabers for the Price of 5 AAA Games

A shelf at Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios, showing the new lightsabers for sale.
There’s a reason why those lightsabers are under glass.

WDW News Today is officially announcing a pair of new replica lightsabers for Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Just in time for May 4, as well. You might need to sell your firstborn child to purchase them, but they’re there for the taking, if you wish. Please welcome:

Luminara Unduli Legacy Lightsaber

Luminara Unduli Legacy Lightsaber.
Fake rocks probably not included.

The Luminara Unduli Legacy Lightsaber is a replica of the lightsaber of Luminara Unduli, who first made her appearance in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. Since that first appearance, she continued to be a major character in the Clone Wars animated series, appearing in numerous episodes of that series. You might most recognize her from her green skin coloration, her chin tattoos, and her black, almost nun-like outfit. Oh, and her matching green lightsaber, of course.

Artwork of Luminara Unduli with her lightsaber out.
There’s no Jedi who’s more of a warrior nun than her.

The Luminara Unduli Legacy Lightsaber is on sale for a “mere” $159.99. That’s just for the hilt. Apparently, like all Legacy Lightsabers, the hilt is sold separately from the blade. The blade itself (which also ignites green) will cost you even more depending on the length you want. A 26″ blade will cost you $45, while a 36″ blade will cost you $50. So the actual price of the lightsaber will cost you a grand total of $204.99 or $209.99 depending on your blade preferences. If you really want it though, it’s your money. At least you can be sure that it comes with a nice case.

Reforged Asajj Ventress Legacy Lightsaber

Reforged Asajj Ventress Legacy Lightsaber.
Not sure if the lightsaber stand is part of the deal either.

The Reforged Asajj Ventress Legacy Lightsaber is a replica of the lightsaber Asajj Ventress forged for herself after the Separatist army cast her out. Which means that it has a straight handle as opposed to the curved handles she originally used. It also means that this lightsaber will ignite yellow instead of red.

Artwork of Asajj Ventress with her new yellow lightsaber.
Clearly, a new outlook on life deserves a new lightsaber.

The Reforged Asajj Ventress Legacy Lightsaber will also be on sale for $159.99. Again, this is hilt only. The blade will set you back another $45 or $50, depending on how long you want it to be. So again, you’re looking at an actual price of $204.99 or $209.99. My suggestion is that if you really want these Legacy Lightsabers, it might be better to just pick one. You could get both if you have the cash to spare though. It’s your money.

Source: WDW News Today