Teaser for Mega Stones via Pokemon Go

The mobile app Pokemon Go has been a success like no other.

Not only has the app smashed records when it comes to downloads and player engagement. It has reignited a Pokemon fever not seen since the franchises peek in the 1990s.

As the game has gone on it has continued to add more and more from the series vast library of creatures. Now it seems that the game will be adding a different type of Pokemon to the mix. Mega Evolutions.

Via a Reddit leak data miners have discovered image assets for Mega Blastoise, Mega Charizard, Mega Vensaur, Mega Pidgiot, and Mega Bedrill in a new update for the game. Along with a mega raid egg that seemingly confirms mega pokemon will tie into raid battles.

Deta mined mega evolution image

What Are Mega Evolutions?

For those, not aware Mega Evolutions are a type of evolution added in Pokemon X and Y. The series 6th generation of games that released in 2013. In order for a pokemon to mega evolve the player must have that pokemon’s specific mega stone.
Charizard has Charizardite, Blastoise has Blastoiseite, and so on. When activated they instantly evolve into their mega form. A player can only equip one Pokemon on their team with a mega stone at a time.

The Mega stone can be activated at any time and transforms a pokemon into their mega form for the duration of the battle. Mega Pokemon typically have far better state then their normal forms and new moves.

How Mega’s Will Handled

As stated it seems the first batch of Mega’s will only be five. Indicating Niantic plans to do a slow drip feed as they have done with other content. Ensuring that players stay invested. This is also likely to allow them to ensure that Mega evolutions do not break the game.
In the main games, Mega Requazar was so broken it required the creation of an entirely new tier.

Pokemon Go has promised an official announcement on Mega Evolution soon. Meaning we could see them added to the game as soon as this weekend.
Stay tuned for more updates about Mega Evolution as we get them.