Ah, so many leaks this month, and it seems the Nintendo Switch isn’t immune to this. From the details of said leak, it looks like Nintendo wants to put some more stuff into this Nintendo Switch Pro version when it comes out next year.

A standard Nintendo Switch.
We all knew it was coming.

The New Version of the Not-So-New Switch

Ever since the Nintendo Switch was released back in 2017, there has only been two versions of it: the base model, and the Switch Lite. The Lite was something of a disappointment when it came out. At least, for me it was. The Lite was basically a handheld-only version of the Switch that couldn’t even play all of the Switch games. While it’s smaller and cheaper than the base Switch, its inability to connect to a monitor means that it’s overall inferior to the base model.

Nintendo Switch next to Chibi Switch.
And I swear, the Lite has worse graphics than the standard Switch.

Fortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case with this new Switch model. At least, according to some unidentified leakers, it doesn’t. These leakers revealed to Bloomberg News that Nintendo plans to release a truly upgraded version of the Switch in 2021. Some of these upgrades will apparently include improved processing power and 4K graphics support.

Battlefield One in 4K.
Lawrence of Arabia shooting in 4K.

In addition, Nintendo apparently also plans to release a slew of new games to coincide with this new Switch’s release. If this is all true, it could conceivably allow the 2021 Switch to compete with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Even if it’s only in a small way, Nintendo could still get a slice of the pie, so to speak. Although to be fair, Nintendo has always had its own market.

A fight between gamers that Nintendo and mobile gamers want no part of.
Nintendo and mobile gamers be watching the show from afar.

Of course, since the source(s) choose to remain unidentified, we really should take their word with at least some grains of salt.

A simple grain of salt.
Some NaCl for your thoughts?


Nintendo’s new model of the Switch for 2021 appears to be trying to compete with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. It’s the only way I can explain these alleged planned upgrades. Again though, since the source(s) wish to remain unknown, take this news with some salt until we get something official from Nintendo.

Source: Bloomberg News