After Sony announced that the PS4 controller would be compatible on the PS5, but not for next-gen games, Microsoft had to make a rebuttal. What a rebuttal it was. In a similar manner to how Sony clowned on Microsoft at E3 2013, Microsoft made a cheeky announcement from their Official UK Twitter. It makes sense that the Xbox One and Series X would have similar wireless capabilities for their controllers. The two consoles might be a step away from each other in power, but the wireless controllers are similar. The Xbox One controller is pretty close to the pinnacle in controllers anyway, so it makes even more sense.

If you have an expensive controller like a Scuf or the Xbox One Elite Controller 1/2, you’re not completely out of luck here like you would be on the PS5. Also included in the announcement is for the Xbox adaptive controller, which means people who use that one, aren’t left out in the dark either. This is overall a huge win for Xbox and Microsoft that’s sure to make people happy. I love my Elite controller that I’ve been using for years now. If I have friends over to play, they won’t be stuck with crappy controllers either.

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Source: Official UK Xbox Twitter