The new film, The Listener stars Tessa Thompson and is directed by Steve Buscemi. Thompson plays Beth, a helpline volunteer who is part of a dedicated team that answers calls every night from individuals across America who are experiencing loneliness, despair, and brokenness.

In the past year, the volume of calls has surged dramatically. So, as Beth navigates through her shift, the intensity escalates: will this be the night she faces a heartbreaking loss or makes a life-saving connection? Gradually, Beth’s narrative unfolds, shedding light on her motivations. Throughout the journey, we stand by her side, offering solace, empathy, as well as support—sewing the fabric of the world back together, one thread at a time.



So, The Listener is written by Alessandro Camon (The Messenger). Starring alongside Tessa Thompson (Creed III) are Logan Marshall-Green (The Invitation), Derek Cecil (Lessons in Chemistry), Margaret Cho (Prom Pact), Blu Del Barrio, Ricky Velez, Alia Shawkat, Jamie Hector, Casey Wilson, Bobby Soto, as well as Rebecca Hall. Producing are Wren Arthur, Steve Buscemi, Oren Moverman, Lauren Hantz, and Tessa Thompson.

Directed by Steve Buscemi and starring Tessa Thompson as Beth, a helpline volunteer who is part of the small army that gets on the phone every night across America, fielding calls from all kinds of people feeling lonely, broken, hopeless. Over the last year, the tide has become a tsunami. As Beth goes through her shift, the stakes rise: is this the night she will lose someone? Save someone? Eventually, Beth’s own story comes to light, revealing why she does it. All along we remain with her: listening, comforting, connecting – patching the world back together, one stitch at a time.

Official Synopsis

The Listener will be released on March 29, 2024!