This week from BOOM! Studios we get Wynd 3. The last issue of Wynd lost my attention a bit. It seemed to grow a bit stale and my attention wandered as I read it. With this current issue I am once again interested not only in Wynd, but in the world around him. We actually get some world building in this issue and it is enjoyable how they did it.

Wynd 3 – The Search Begins

Wynd wants to be normal. He no longer wants to hide in the shadows or fear hunters like the bandaged man. Little does he know Oakley has been working on a possible solution, or at least it will be if the rumors are true. According to what she heard, there are catacombs harboring a witch that could cure weird bloods.

Wandering the tunnels, they come across a cloaked person who offers to help them. Along the way he begins a tale that sets the stage for the current world. This is perhaps my favorite part of this issue. We do not know enough to know how true this legend may be, but there is enough magic that it could very well be 100% true. It explains why Pipetown is so afraid of magic blood.

A Story Begins

Wynd 3 – Blood For Blood

When they reach their destination they find out the witch is no witch. She is in fact a doctor, trying to cure those with magic blood with blood transfusions. The problem is many of the patients are more deformed than Wynd and they do not look very good.

Then two things happen that change the course of the comic. First the doctor looks at Wynd’s blood. Her findings get interrupted, but she immediately acts like Wynd is someone of great value (possibly genetically). She treats him as a ‘chosen one’ in other stories that must live at all costs. The must live is important because the kid friendliness of this comic goes out the window.

Bandaged Man shows up and proceeds to start wiping out everyone in the sanctuary. One problem. While Bandaged Man fails to find Wynd, he smells the blood sample the doctor took. Even he finds it ‘different’ and swears to find its originator. The chase is on!

Wynd 3 – Moving Forward

Who or what Wynd is remains a mystery, but I am curious where they are taking this. Also, the lore laid down in the stranger’s tale gives this world some richness that I think we will see more of in the coming issues as Wynd makes a mad dash for freedom.

Another thing to watch will be the tone of the comic. Until now this comic has been very kid friendly and light in tone. All that changed in this issue. Not only does Bandaged Man slaughter the magic bloods, but there is one other scene I won’t mention that hits kinda hard. You will need to read it. As I said in the beginning, where last issue my interest waned, this issue did everything to get it back.