That’s right retro aficionados, the Blue Bomber himself, Mega Man, is joining the Boom! Studios corral of IP’s and hitting your local comic shop soon!

More Mega-Action

This time we are getting away from the cutesy but excellent Archie Comics of the classic series of games and blasting into stories inspired by the newest iteration, Mega Man: Fully Charged.

As a long time Mega-Fan, I wasn’t too excited about the cartoon style. But the style of this comic looks amazing! This six issue limited series will be the litmus test to see if a whole run could be possible in the Fully Charged Universe.

After Mega Man’s father Dr. Light is kidnapped, a shocking truth rocks Mega Man’s world as it seems the Robot Masters know more about his secret history than he does. But as Dr. Wily’s machinations trigger Mega Man’s forgotten memories of the brutal human/robot war, our hero is left to question just who he is and if he can trust anything or anyone – including the man he calls father.

Press Release courtesy of Boom! Studios

Are you charged and ready with your Mega Buster to drop this in your pull list? Check out these panels then!

The preview panels show a very different aspect vs the childish motif of the cartoon show! do you think this is the right direction? So, what do you think of the new comic? Following this, let’s hope they make some more.

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