Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood, Professor Hulk, here. I’m about to drop some knowledge of some exciting stuff in the film and TV world. Last week we shared with you details on unannounced Star Wars projects. This week, we’re talking about Wonder Woman 3.

Wonder Woman 3 is currently in development, and we’ve exclusively learned of plot details from the film. Before we get too excited, we should mention that this information comes from a very early script draft. Most fans know, but movies undergo rewrites often, even sometimes amidst filming. So while we’re excited to share these details, know that they’re in flux. Some plot-critical elements are expected to carry over, some could change. Let’s dive into what I know.

What’s The Film About?

We can exclusively share that the plot will take place in the present and focus on Asteria finding Diana and recruiting her to help her find an old ally who’s gone insane. This is Arion. Arion is a hero of both Themyscira and Atlantis and bridges the two worlds in a way. However, when he goes insane, he wreaks havoc on Themyscira and has sights for Atlantis. This also puts the two worlds at odds with each other, not dissimilar to how they are in the Flashpoint comics.

While the first film was an origin film, and the second was about Diana accepting her responsibility, the third film will truly make Diana a leader and someone who can indeed lead the Amazonians.

Who Else Is (and Isn’t) In The Movie?

Wonder Woman will be joined by Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman, reuniting them after Justice League. When Arion decisively defeats Wonder Woman and further puts an alliance between the Amazons and Atlantis at risk, she goes to Aquaman to assist her.

There’s also talk in the script of Blue Beetle technology. While I did not see any overt reference to the Blue Beetle character in the script, there was a character named Jaime, who I suspect to be Jaime Reyes, Blue Beetle in the comics and the upcoming film.

Notably absent from the screenplay was Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor. Not too shocking considering that the character got some closure with Diana in Wonder Woman 1984, but there’s not even a flashback or any other reference.

Beware The Dreaded Re-Write

As mentioned previously, while these plot details are exciting, it’s worth noting that the film is still early in the screenwriting process. As a result, things can and often do change, although the more prominent story beats are retained in most cases. In addition, some minor plot points may change as the film continues in the screenwriting process, but expect some things (Arion, Aquaman, etc.) will be retained through the various rewrites.

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