In Catwoman 23, Selina headed down to Isla Nevada to reset her mind and her ways. No more Bruce Wayne or Gotham. Instead she returned to her thieving ways and set her claws on an enormous diamond. Along the way she learns of a list. This list contains intel on villains compiled by the worlds greatest crime fighters. Of course this entire auction is run by a throwback to the 80’s, powered by cocaine. Did I mention the 15′ panther?! Catwoman 24 wraps up the Isla Nevada story.

Catwoman 24 – Cover2Cover

As usual, this issue comes with two covers with their usual fine details. The secondary cover mirrors the cover from 23. Selina sports her current suit while poised atop a roof corner in Gotham. It lacks the sharpness of 23, but it still looks good.

The primary cover looks great and relates to the story. For whatever reason, Selina returns to her initial cat suit of gray and black. Behind her stands her new feline friends. It is always fun to see Selina in her old suits.

Catwoman 24 – A Tail of New Friends

When we last left Selina, she had just been stabbed with a drugged spear and faced a panther roughly 15′ tall. Feared to be a minion of Snow Flame, they stood ready to finish her off, but of course how will a spirit cat have an issue with Catwoman? A bit of talking and the three quickly become friends.

Of course the one thing that makes Selina one of the most beloved rogues in Batman’s gallery is her ability to walk both sides of the line. She will not hesitate to steal a shiny bobble, yet she has lines she will not cross even to the point of teaming up with heroes when needed. Selina feels the need to protect her new friends from the 80s crack head while still going after what she came for.

Catwoman 24 – Cat With a Heart

She returns to the mansion to square off with the 80’s reject Snow Flame. He is super powered, but only when he loads up on Cocaine. Catwoman still needs a way to get around his powers to get the list and the diamond. The fight that ensues leans towards the entertaining and comical.

Of course what happens after is pure Selina, but I’ll let you read the ending to the Isla Nevada story line.

Catwoman 24 – The Lead In

The final page, post story, actually tells a lot on what lies ahead. Selina returns to Gotham as well as her self doubt. She speaks of not knowing who she truly is beyond Catwoman, and even there she walks a fine line. Her moral compass spins out of control. This will make the next issue very intriguing, for the next issue delves into the Joker War story line over in the Batman title.