A Fallout TV series is apparently in development by Amazon from the creators of the hit Westworld series. Let’s hope it lives up to its legacy.

The soon-to-be creators of the Fallout TV series.
The Westworld creators in the flesh. Hopefully, they don’t mess up Fallout.

A Fallout TV Series? Really?!

Hollywood Reporter brings us news today on July 2 that Fallout is finally getting a TV series by Amazon Studios in partnership with Bethesda. Interestingly enough, Amazon hired married Westworld creators Lisa Joy and Jonah Nolan to produce the series. Yes, that Westworld. You know, the one that has become so incomprehensibly complex that only longtime fans can tell you what’s happening? I mean, it’s not even about Westworld anymore.

Uhhh, Westworld season 3? Now taking place not in the West.
Uh, where’s the West part here?

But yeah, the creators of Westworld are producing the Fallout TV series. Amazon’s deal with them also apparently has a series commitment penalty attached to it. What does that mean? It apparently means that Amazon likes the script, Fallout will get an entire series without bothering with the traditional pilot episode. And if they don’t, everyone involved will get paid out as if they had approved it. Currently, there’s still no writer, so all of this is just speculation at this point. There’s not even a release date for the TV series. All we have is a single teaser trailer from Amazon.

Not much here, but what the heck is watching the TV?

Why Should We Care?

I would be very surprised if there’s anyone out there who hasn’t at least heard of Fallout, but let’s sum up the basics.

A rusting power armor helmet in Fallout's wasteland.
Prime loot right there, but too bad it’s likely only good for scrap by this point.

The world of Fallout takes place in an alternate world where the USA went nuke-crazy. Specifically, the game themselves takes place several decades after a war between the US and China resulted in them flinging a bunch of nuclear weapons at each other. For obvious reasons, this didn’t turn out well for the US. Presumably, it didn’t turn out well for China either, but none of the games so far have enlightened us on that.

"Fallout: China Edition", anyone?
We will have more details on what happened to China later. Presumably.

But getting back to the subject, because of that war, the US is now an irradiated wasteland filled with equally as irradiated ruins. Fortunately, not everything is dead in this world, so you’re not alone! Unfortunately, not everything in this world is dead, so you can expect most of them to try to kill you. Mutant animals are a danger, but you’ll often find that the surviving people can just as as dangerous, if not more so.

One of the many threats you'll face in the Wasteland, only bigger than most.
Oh yeah, did I mention the 3-story tall mutants?

Given that you, the player character, is always someone who’d just left a nice safe Vault to head out into the wasteland, this is not a good thing for you. Oh, you might laugh, you might cry, but you’ll almost certainly die. Welcome to the Wasteland, folks.


Fallout is getting a TV series from Amazon, so yay! It’s being produced by the director duo who created Westworld, so yay? Seems like a lot of game series are getting TV adaptations. Here’s hoping that they don’t mess it up. Or at the very least, it doesn’t get too incomprehensible and complex.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter