Black Series Shadow Stormtrooper

Well, again it seems like we are finding out more information about Black Series releases from other sources since Toy Fair New York, then from Hasbro. According to our collector friends at, we could be seeing a new Shadow Stormtrooper Gaming Greats Black Series figure coming our way. A link was provided by YakFace that showed a retailer named TOYSARAMA that has information on this new figure.

Black Series

What else can we expect?

Now we still have not got the official word from Hasbro yet so I still have to put this in the rumor pile. But I personally think we will see this figure in the near future. So, what other Black Series figure will we see this year? There are still rumors out there about a new Carbonized Series that will feature Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper. Also, with Celebration not to far away I’m sure we will see some exclusives there as well. But, of course the big concern is, will all these figures be delayed because of the Coronavirus?

We want to hear from you

What do you think about the Gaming Greats Black Series line? What has been your release so far? Also, what other figures would you like to see this year?

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