There’s numerous reasons why fans have been long awaiting Dune: Part Two. Not least of which is because it’s the direct sequel to 2021’s Dune. Amazingly, director Denis Villeneuve has managed to make Frank Herbert‘s very first Dune novel all the way from 1965 into a mainstream sensation. Thus, it perfectly explains why this second part of Dune is just as much as a sensation as the first. All you have to do is look at the box office numbers when it premiered in theaters nationwide in the US on March 1, 2024 to get a confirmation of that.

Alas though, some of us didn’t see Dune: Part Two in theaters. The reasons may vary. Maybe you didn’t have time to travel to theaters to see it? Maybe theaters just aren’t your thing? Regardless though, there is another way you can see this hit sequel. How so, you might ask? Well, don’t worry about it. Warner Bros. has your back here.

Dune: Part Two ~ Home Video Details

Dune: Part Two 4K UHD 3D box art front.
The true main character of this film is obvious that sandworm.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is proud to announce that they are bringing Dune: Part Two to home video. Said home video release will be in DVD, Blu-ray, 4K UHD, or the shiny Steelbook edition. Digital download will also be available for those who don’t mind not getting a physical copy. All versions of the film will become available on May 14, 2024. However, you don’t have to wait for that date to purchase it. You can in fact preorder all versions of this film right now from retail websites like Amazon or Walmart.

Bonus: Special Features

Dune: Part Two 4K UHD spread.
The box art really makes you feel like you’re walking the sands of Arrakis.

That’s not all, folks! To help sweeten the deal, Warner Bros. is also giving us a list of the special features we can expect to see in these home video releases of Dune: Part Two. You can check out the full lsit below:

  • Chakobsa Training
  • Creating the Fremen World
  • Finding the Worlds of Dune
  • Buzz Around the New “Thopter”
  • Worm-Riding
  • Becoming Feyd
  • A New Set of Threads
  • Deeper into the Desert: The Sounds of the Dune

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