Main Stories Volume Synopsis: Batman: Ego and Other Tails Deluxe Edition

Batman: Ego and Other Tails Deluxe Edition  is a collection of Batman stories written and drawn by comic legend Darwyn Cooke.  See Batman team up with The Spirit, live with not being able to save someone, see Catwoman attempt an audacious heist and other Batman stories in this week’s Comic Rewind.

The first major story, Batman: Ego, had Batman turn one of Joker’s goons, Buster Snibbs, against Joker.  In the aftermath of the betrayal Snibbs feared for his life, but more importantly for the lives of his wife and daughter.  Snibbs decided the only way to save his family was to take his own life. He did it in front of Batman, but Batman wasn’t fast enough to stop him.

In the aftermath Batman wrestled with Snibbs’ death and if Batman is really helping people by taking down criminals.  The personification of Batman appeared to Bruce Wayne and the sides wrestled for control.

Comic Batman Ego

In the second big story of the volume, Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score, Catwoman stumbled upon a huge score.  However, the plan involved robbing the Falcone crime family.  In order to complete the job she must ask for the help of a former lover who she double crossed and left for dead.

The third big story, Crime Convention, has a police convention interrupted by the Batman and Spirit rogues gallery.  This is the first meeting between the heroes and they had to work together in order to take down the numerous villains looking to kill some of the best cops around.

Batman: Ego and Other Tails Deluxe Edition was written by Cooke, Paul Grist, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti.  The art was provided by Cooke, J. Bone, Bill Wray, Tim Sale, Matt Hollingsworth and Dave Stewart.  DC Comics published the volume in 2017.

A Great Exploration Of The Two Sides Of Batman

It has been a little while since I’ve read a Batman comic so I wanted to pick one up.  This comic is excellent and has seven stories without a single weak link.

I really liked Ego because it explored the two sides of Bruce Wayne.  It was a glimpse into something we don’t often see.  Wayne wants a normal life and wants a family, but most of all he wants to be happy.  However, the Batman side of him calls to him and forces him to fight crime. Wayne wants to give it up after failing to save Snibbs, but Batman wants full control and wants to kill the Joker.  The struggle between the two sides was interesting and it was interesting to see the rationale for each side’s viewpoint.

Comic Batman Ego

My Favorite Story Of The Volume

My favorite of the volume was by far Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score.  I love crime noir and this was a pure noir set in the Batman universe.  It was interesting to see a young and optimistic Selina Kyle before she became obsessed with the score.  I also loved to see Kyle a little on her guard around her mentor and former lover, Stark. She is always so cocky and has a handle on every situation, but not when dealing with Stark.  It gave her character a lot more depth and who doesn’t want to know more about Catwoman.

A Wonderfully Goofy Batman And Spirit Crossover

Crime Convention was just a goofy story about Batman and the Spirit first meeting.  A little history of Spirit his he is a middle-class Batman who was created in the 1940s is the best way to sum him up.  The story is straight out of the 1966 TV show with Robin saying cheesy lines like “holy jumping chestnuts Batman” or something similar.  

Comic Batman Ego

All the villains go to Hawaii for the police convention and Joker is in a polo shirt and Harley Quinn in a pineapple bikini and it is ridiculous and wonderful.  The rest of the stories are very dark and serious and having a light story like this and the following one about Quinn trying to kill Father Time because she has a gray hair are a perfect ending to the volume.

I loved this volume and I highly recommend this to any Batman fans.  The volume is filled with fantastic story one after another.  Cooke is a great writer, artist and does fantastic work with Batman characters.  This book makes me want to seek out other Cooke Batman works.

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