Story Synopsis: Batman: Year One

Every hero has an origin story. Every hero has to take their first step into realizing their destiny. This week’s Comic Rewind, Batman: Year One, tells the story of Batman and James Gordon’s first year in Gotham.

On Jan. 4, Lt. Gordon rode a train into Gotham for the first time. He got to see the cesspool which Gotham was. He regretted taking a train and wishes he had flown in, because on a train he got to see what Gotham really was.  

At the same time Bruce Wayne was also returning to Gotham. However, Wayne flew in returning from his time abroad. Wayne wished he had taken the train so he could see his enemy and be shoulder to shoulder with them.

Gordon got transferred into Gotham because he made mistakes in his old town. He tried to expose corruption without enough proof. It made the wrong people angry. However, it doesn’t take Gordon very long to see Gotham is just as corrupt. Gordon got beaten up by his fellow cops for not taking bribes.

Comic Batman Year One

Wayne made his way onto the streets in disguise. However, when he tries to protect a young sex worker from her pimp he gets stabbed in the leg by the sex worker.

The two future beacons of justice are off to a really bad start.  However, what changes for the pair to make Gotham criminals tremble at just the mention of their names?

Batman: Year One was written by Frank Miller with art by David Mazzucchelli and Richmond Lewis.  DC Comics published the issues making up the volume in 1987.

Batman: Year One Is Always Regarded As A Must Read

When looking up the best Batman comics of all time, this story is always in the top five. After reading this for the third time it is very obvious why. The two main characters of Wayne and Gordon always seem to be in their prime. They are always at the top of their skills and never seem to face a situation they can’t handle.

A Different Take On Classic Batman Characters

However, this volume is very different. Wayne/Batman is constantly making mistakes and getting hurt because of it, but he’s learning. Batman is always scrambling as his plan A, B, and C all fall apart. It is really odd to see him so unprepared to fight low-level street thugs.  I liked to see him so vulnerable.

Comic Batman Year One

Gordon has an affair while his wife is pregnant.  He has always seemed like one of the most solid and trustworthy people in Batman comics.  Even though he turned a blindeye to Batman’s vigilantism. However, seeing him having an affair showed he is just a human like you or me.

This volume humanizes the pair and it is a refreshing break from the usual Batman comics I have read.

Batman: Year One Has Other Classic Characters As Well

Batman and Gordon are not the only two Batman comics characters in the volume.  We get to see the start of Catwoman’s life of burglary. The assistant district attorney who is helping both Batman and Gordon is Harvey Dent, the soon to be, Two Face.

It has been a long time since I’ve read a DC superhero comic and even longer since I’ve read a Batman comic.  I need to make sure I review a DC superhero comic every so often because this was an amazing read. Gordon a badass. He would have been a good Batman if only he was a little younger.

The story is gripping and a page turner from start to finish.  An absolute must read for Batman comic fans.



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