Marvel 1985

Villains from a young boy’s favorite comic books come over to our world, but with no heroes in our world who will stop them? Find out in this week’s Comic Rewind, Marvel 1985.

In 1985, Toby Goodman loved his comic books, but more than that he loved his dad, Jerry. Jerry divorced from Toby’s mom, but he always made time for his son. He may have been an out of work loser to the rest of the world, but Jerry was a great dad. Toby and Jerry always talked about the latest comics and what would happen next for the heroes.

When Toby and Jerry took a shortcut home they walked by a house where Jerry’s childhood friend used to live. However, while speaking with the new owners Toby saw Red Skull staring at him from a window.  

Comic Marvel 1985

Toby saw more and more Marvel villains until they begin their rampage.  However, Toby had a plan to find the Marvel heroes and save the day.

Marvel 1985 was written by Mark Millar with art by Tommy Lee Edwards.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2009.

Millar Is My Favorite Author But This Disappointed Me

Millar is my favorite comic book author and I have had this on my radar for a long time.  However, the story did not sound appealing to me. A lot of times when I read highly praised comics like this I am surprised by how much I like them.  However, no such luck this time.

When I read the first issue of this volume a few years ago, I was not impressed. I decided to give it a shot anyway. The comic focused too much on Toby and not enough on the heroes and villains. Toby is just not very interesting and was not a character I cared about at all.

Comic Marvel 1985

Toby Is Boring But His Dad Is An Amazing Father

However, his father, Jerry, I really liked. He was an every-man who tried his best to be the hero his son saw him as. How could that not bring a tear to my eye? Jerry shows not all heroes wear capes and other cheesy lines like that.

I would have liked to see Toby befriend heroes and work with them to take down the bad guys together. The heroes come in and fight, but they have no real impact and Jerry ends up saving the world. What was the point of having heroes come in if Jerry is going to save the world? They could have at least given Toby or Jerry powers and have them save the world by using their powers.

The Ending Redeemed Marvel 1985

The story was very disappointing to me and it was a really boring read. I was not impressed at all by the story and was a waste of time to read unfortunately. However, the ending was so sweet and beautiful I legit got teary eyed. I raised my rating just because of the ending.



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