Roughly one year ago, Netflix announced a plan to release a new series to its streaming service that would take fantasy to a whole new realm. The Witcher, originally a series of books and short stories by author Andrzej Sapkoski, found its way into comics and video games, and now real life. Now we have a new trailer as well as a release date. Here is the trailer below:

The Worst Monsters Are the Ones We Create

A Sword in Hand Beats Kryptonite on Hold

Netflix announced its ambitious plan to turn The Witcher into another of it’s new series. It sounded like a good plan, but how does one turn such a property into the much needed hit the streaming service needs to continue? It started with the announcement of Man of Steel star Henry Cavill himself. A prominent name in Hollywood, apparently Cavill got sick of waiting for his Superman sequel and hung up his tights for a sword and different set of powers.

With the release of this new trailer, we get our first look at Cavill bringing the haunted warrior to life, and if looks are anything, he nailed the part. His looks mirror the images created for other media formats almost exactly.

Henry Cavill image versus imagined image
Half real. Half imagined. Completely awesome!

The Witcher Trailer: Is He Superman in a New Outfit?

One worry I had when Netflix announced Henry Cavill as the lead was, whether Cavill could shed the image of Superman and become the less than boy scout like-Geralt? Cavill sports a very square jaw and perfectly fit the role of Big Blue. Sometimes actors fit a role so well they become type cast and find it hard to escape that image.

While the trailer shows us Cavill in character, it also does a great job showing us that Krypton is but a distant memory. With the new hair, scars and wardrobe Cavill looks nothing like his former super hero self. In some scenes it becomes difficult to even see Geralt of Rivia is the same actor.

Here are some photos that were released as well:

Can The Witcher Grow Beyond Looks?

After watching the trailer, the show looks amazing, but if looks always led the way for quality, Transformer: Age of Extiction would be the greatest movie ever made! Can Netflix take this show and create something spectacular as it did with Dark Crystal: Age of Resisitance?

Cavill carries himself with strength and power, but his performances sometimes come off a bit stiff because of it. While we see quite a bit of Geralt in this latest trailer, we do not hear much of Cavill or get much of a glimpse into his emotional portayal of the character. Can Cavill give the character the depth it needs?

After movies like Man of Steel and Mission Impossible: Fallout, there can be no doubt Cavill was created for the physical part of any role. The trailer shows his swordsmanship cannot be questioned, and the action should be top notch.

So what’s the best part of the trailer? The ending of course! The Witcher drops on Netflix December 20th!