The Mandalorian Spoiler to Change Star Wars

Several articles have been released recently saying the very first episode of The Mandalorian will change Star Wars as we know it. Yet no one has offered any ideas or theories. Even Disney denied the press advanced screenings so the spoiler would not leak. After watching and explaining all the tidbits of the latest trailer to my kids, I came across an idea that would indeed change all we know about the Star Wars universe. I will admit the odds are higher than 3PO could calculate that this would be correct, but what if The Mandalorian spoiler is that our hero is the son of Ben Kenobi and Duchess Satine?

No More Bloodlines!

Obi Wan and Duchess Satine
true love

Now I know half of you call BS (and you’re probably correct) but hear me out.  First off, I know the number one thought out there is no more bloodlines.  How can a universe be this big and yet the fate of the galaxy continually comes back to one or two families?  I agree, and I want the universe to expand but look throughout history how often that happens.  More than you might.  I look forward to the universe expanding away from the Skywalkers and the tiny niche we know. On the other hand, can you name a bigger secret that would shake the galaxy than Ben Kenobi had a child? After all, those that laid the foundation for this to happen are at the forefront of the show, namely Dave Filoni.

Why Would The Mandalorian Spoiler Be That He’s a Kenobi?

In this latest and final trailer for The Mandalorian, several things popped out to me that led me to this thought. First off, the rumor from the beginning, when we found out this had do with a Mandalorian bounty hunter, had to do with the planet Mandalore itself. Early rumors suggested our hero would return to Mandalore and free it from the grips of the Empire, which was in chaos at this point. If this becomes the case, how does an entire planet follow a mere bounty hunter? A bounty hunter would not have the political clout or power to unite a planet, much less free it from the Empire.

I do feel this will come about, however. The best evidence comes from the voice over at the beginning of the trailer. The voice, which I believe to be actor Werner Herzog whom we see briefly­­­­­, says “Is the world more peaceful since the revolution? It is a shame your people suffered.” Why not only would someone bring that up, if the Mandalore plot line wasn’t happening, but why would that line go in a trailer? The freedom of Mandalore will be very important before all is said and done.

The Boy with No Name

The boy from the mandalorian trailer
Who is this child?

An intriguing part of the latest trailer had to do with the small boy.  The Mandalorian spoiler has to revolve around him. Not only does his appearance in a trailer raise flags of importance, but so do the things around him. First off, let me suggest the scenes with the boy were all flashbacks. I believe these are of our hero as a young child.

If you look at the scene right before this and the shot with him being taken away, time clues are obvious. In the previous shot, a ship flies by overhead.  There can be no doubt it is a HMP droid gunship used by the Separatists during the era of the Clone Wars. The later shot with the boy being whisked away also had CIS elements. If you look over the fleeing families’ shoulder, you can see two B2 battle droids that appear to be chasing the family. Could these CIS weapons be in the modern era? Sure. The droids of the Clone Wars pop all the time in the hands of private groups/people, but I’m betting these are flashbacks to the Clone War era. They are too neat and shiny.

So Why the Boy?

Why would Separatist forces chase down such a young boy? Whoever this boy ends up being, he must have a pedigree that strikes fear into the CIS and the Mandalorian faction fighting to take over Mandalore. What better scare than to have him be the child of Duchess Satine? If word reached the home world that the child of the last open leader of Mandalore yet lived, the child could become a rallying point for Mandalore to unite behind. This explains not only why the family was being chased, but how our hero ended up as a bounty hunter in the destitute outer rim.

If we go with Satine as the mother of the child, then who’s the father? She had no husband by the time of her death.  The only relationship that means anything to Star Wars fans lies with a young Obi-Wan Kenobi. The two had a relationship. We know this. In the Mandalorian episodes of The Clone Wars, it becomes obvious they still have strong feelings for each other. It feels like Obi-Wan nearly left the Order to be with her, but in the end chose duty over love. Why does Satine never tell Obi-Wan of their child?

A Jedi having a child would cause problems for Kenobi within the order as it violates the no attachment rules. Perhaps part was to protect him, but Satine also saw what was coming. She knew Mandalore was headed for something big even if she did not realize how big. The child would be young back then, so why not protect him from her enemies?

The Mandalorian Spoiler: Could Our Hero Even Be a Jedi?

Mandalorian taking blind shot
Look ma! My eyes are shut!

Is there any evidence Pedro Pascal’s character uses the force or could be a force user? Actually, there are a few scenes that could suggest such a thing.  First off is the scene of the boy reaching out to the camera. He reaches up, but at the last minute he turns his hand over as if to catch something.  Obviously, this could be anything, but it is a possibility.

Second, look at the scene in the canyon. He knows the Trandoshans are close. His hand slides up to his blaster, and right before he draws, he spins in place and looks up. The attacking Trandoshan hits him from above and behind. Our protagonist spins and looks directly at him as he descends. This could be raw instinct. It could be honed battle senses, or even his armor alerting him. Still the exactness of the mood does fit the possibility.

Finally, watch the fight scenes. He knows where every enemy is and precisely where his attention needs to be. Again his skills and armor could lend to this ability, but that uncanny ability for a shot to be exactly where it needs to be, could suggest some heightened force awareness.

Do We Really Want a Jedi Mando?

Jedi Mandalorian
Will the Black Saber Return?

I said this is a huge long shot, but in the end do we want a Mandalorian Jedi?  Uh DUH YEAH! How sweet would it be to watch our hero in a fight with his armor and abilities wielding a lightsaber! That would be bad ass!

On the real side, however, no we do not. We do not need to be drawn back into a smaller world where every character making a difference is from on or two family names. The universe needs to be bigger, not smaller, but what if he in fact did belong to the Kenobi lineage and did not become a Jedi/force user? Look no further than Han Solo. Solo cannot use the Force, yet his luck, instincts, and flying abilities all suggest a weak connection to the Force. He can never become a Jedi or learn to use the Force as a Force user would, but his touch with it is obvious. Most games and RPG books give Han a minimal Force rating to show this. 

Why could our hero not be the same? His Kenobi blood gives him a closeness to the Force most do not have, yet with Sabine being his mother, perhaps the connection never grew enough for him to fully realize force powers.

This theory for The Mandalorian spoiler is a long shot, but assuming it is wrong, what is this galaxy changing revelation Lucasfilm is protecting?