In an interview with our very own Joe Deckelmeier, Phil Brooks (CM Punk) stated which famous Spider-Man villain he’d like to play in the MCU. Kraven the Hunter.

Joe: “You spoke about Marvel earlier. Are there any characters in Marvel that you would want to portray?

Phil Brooks: “Oh man. I think my tiny pea brain kind of limits me. I’d be interested to see what other directors and producers view me as, you know what I mean? If there’s anybody out there that sees me playing something, I’d be interested to hear those comments. I’ve been asked this question a lot, and I always just come back to Kraven. Based on the way I look and the way I feel that character can be updated. Spider-Man in 2019. I think that could be interesting. They could tackle, honestly, some social issues with that, too. They could make him some right wing nut job. It’d be interesting.

Joe Deckelmeier

Based on previous reports of Kevin Feige being quite fond of Kraven the Hunter as a foe for Spider-Man, and the screenwriter of the solo Kraven film for Sony, this could be legit. It’s just an interview and Punk is a huge comic book fan, but he’s also getting a bigger profile in acting. In addition to his pro wrestling career in WWE, Brooks has starred in Girl on the Third Floor and Rabid this year. With Spider-Man back on with the MCU, Brooks as Kraven could make a lot of sense for everyone involved. His idea about making him a right-wing nutjob or something like that could add a topical element to Spider-Man.

Could CM Punk Portray Kraven?

Kraven is a hulking huge man. What makes him that much more intimidating is not his frame or muscles, but his personality. Brooks could encapsulate what the character needs to really be a threat to Spider-Man. More so than just some massive guy who could kick his ass. Brooks has shown capable to act in varying difficulties of films. His time in professional wrestling shows that he can do stunts and act there as well. Dave Batista and Dwayne Johnson showed the world that a pro wrestler can become a huge mega-star in the movie industry. Why not Phil Brooks?

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