As Team Flash is still coping with Barry having to sacrifice his life to save the multiverse. Dr. Rosso is still trying to find a cure for his cancer. Although Barry has accepted his fate. Cisco being his best friend won’t let him die without a fight.

The episode moves on to Barry wanting to help Dr. Rosso so Cisco can understand that even though he can’t save him, he can still save others. We pick up the next half of the episode with Harrison ‘Nash’ Wells disclosing that he put a bug on Cisco (which was one of the funniest scenes in a very emotional driven episode). Wells has come up with a plan to steal a serum from a lab. The serum will duplicate healthy cells, and replace the bad cells with the healthy ones; but he wants Star Labs to build him a circuit board for reasons we don’t know yet.

Cisco, Barry, and Wells break into the lab but the serum isn’t there. The episode evolves and we find out that Cisco took the serum to prevent Barry from dying. After a very heart-felt conversation between the two, Cisco gives back the serum. Barry then goes to give Dr. Rosso the serum. Unfortunately it does not work. Dr. Rosso realizes as long as he keeps on feeding on people’s blood he won’t die. He goes to the hospital that his mom worked at, then starts feeding on everyone in his sight. As soon as Barry and Killer Frost get there they are surprised to see that Dr. Rosso has been the one behind the killings. Dr. Rosso Says to Team Flash, “I am the cure”. Soon after killing the doctor that was close with his mother, then jumping out of the window and vanishing.

We cut to a scene of Joe telling Barry he is not ready to lose him. My heart sank in this scene losing loved ones was a big underlying plotline in this episode. The last scene was Wells putting the circuit board in his arm band tech to create a hologram of what looked like the anti-monitor going into a secret layer underground where he tracked the eternium at and starts to break down a wall. All in all I loved this episode, it gets a 10 puppies out of 10 puppies for me! A very great plot line, constant undertones and very great writing. Till next time folks, tell me in the comments what you liked or disliked about the episode. Cheers!

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