Jordan Myles in ring.

Before we start, as an African-American wrestling fan and a supporter/fan of Jordan Myles, I want to state that I support and hear Jordan Myles but I think it’s bigger than this incident. Now, let’s get into it. 

WWE is no stranger to racial tension when it comes to African-Americans and their proper representation. At times, their placement on the card is lackluster. They’ve also had problems with their legends, Warrior and Hulk Hogan to name a few. (I’m actually watching Hogan in Riccochet’s corner on Monday Night Raw which makes this whole thing even more weird). Well, that familiar tension has reared its head once again. This time with NXT Superstar Jordan Myles, formerly known as A.C.H. 

Bigger than Jordan, by Myles

If you haven’t heard, Saturday evening Jordan Myles took to Twitter to air out his frustrations and disappointment with Triple H, Vince and WWE’s Decision to move on with a T-shirt design that resembles Blackface/Sambo. Through the course of the weekend, he fired off shot after shot.

“They’ll regret making this”, “My voice will he heard”, “THEY NEED A REPROGRAMMING BECAUSE THEY ARE IGNORANT!
“ ‘vision’ of me then this is a slap in the face to EVERY African American performer, fan, and supporter.”

Jordan Myles on the shirt design and WWE as a whole.
Jordan and the shirt in question.

Now, look, yes, that shirt is disrespectful to Black/African-Americans. Especially after JUST coming off of the Gucci situation. (If you don’t know, google “Gucci racial scandal”. You’re welcome). Yes, the middle man, Landon Baker, who told Triple H that ACH approved the design, which he did on a white t-shirt but NEVER on a black t-shirt, should be held accountable. No, I don’t agree with him calling out Jay Lethal over at ROH. But, the REAL ISSUE is the consistent lack of representation in the decision making positions. 

Representation and WWE

If you have someone that looks like Jordan in the office, that actually has a voice, that design would’ve never made it on a black shirt. Or any shirt in general. But WE don’t have that. We continue to see this happen. Hogan is STILL not forgiven for the things he said and never apologized for it publicly. (Saying “I didn’t know I was being filmed” on the Today Show isn’t apologizing to the people that were actually affected). You hear it when he comes out but they still push him in our faces as if they just want us to swallow it. 

Having people that look like you in positions of power is important in order to properly push diverse ideas, merch and storylines. Not only that, but to be respectively accepted by said culture. 

Titus O’Neil expressed disdain for the distasteful shirt.

Now WWE’s hands are tied. Jordan Myles has shined a light so bright that they have to make a move, and I’m not talking that statement they release via a PR rep. You have Titus chiming in, other wrestlers from other promotions and fans from near and far expressing their disinterest in how they treat black wrestlers. Change must come quick and now! 

I’ll always be #ForTheCulture; I wish my favorite sports and entertainment brand was as well. 

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