Were you a fan of G4’s Attack of the Show? The geek, nerd, pop culture show was a light for many fans in the 2000’s and 2010’s. Attack of the Show alum and independent film fan, Chris Gore, took it upon himself to document the rise and fall of the show. Attack of the Doc is a crowd-sourced documentary about the show. It looks to answer the question that many fans have, “What happened to G4 and Attack of the Show?”.

Attack of the Doc Looks To Inform and Fondly Remember

Chris Gore is no stranger to Attack of the Show, he was the host of the “DVDuesday” segment on the show. So he knows a lot about what went on during the run of the show. The documentary aims to give fans a look behind the scenes of the show. It also will include interviews with the cast, producers, and others that were fans of the show. When and where can you see the documentary? Well that’s quite fortunate because it’s being funded by Kickstarter!

You can donate and become apart of the production team for Attack of the Doc here. Like many other Kickstarters, this one has different tiers for donations all the way up to an Executive Producer credit. Unlike a lot of Kickstarters I’ve seen, this one has a sound timeline for what is going to happen with the product. They’ve got the schedule down for everything and it looks to be incredibly legitimate.

Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn on Attack of the Show.

Attack of the Show was a cultural phenomenon in the days before social media took over all aspects of entertainment. It was a place for fans to gather and hear from like-minded and awesome people. It launched the careers of many different people and is deeply missed. As of right now it has reached one of it’s financial goals at $25,000. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t donate to help fund it. More funding is always needed on these types of projects. More funding will equal more content for the fans.

A Fitting Farewell

Attack of the Doc would be the next best thing to getting in a time machine and going back to 2009 to watch an episode on G4. The documentary doesn’t a set release date but they hope to have a first cut ready to show at SD Comic Con in July 2020. I was a huge fan of all the shows that G4 ran, and Attack of the Show was no different. It shaped my fandoms and loves of media and entertainment from a younger age. Here’s to hoping the documentary captures that feeling perfectly.

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