On the cusp of a third season of The Toys That Made Us, we got a new teaser trailer complete with the NEW and IMPROVED theme song!

Turtles, Ponies, Rangers and Wrestlers abound in the next generation of “a continuing series about the toys that we all know!”

Digging Through Your Toy Chest Of Memories

The first two seasons have brought us amazing realizations about our childhood playthings. Like the provocative past or the multi-line mashup that led to the creation of The Transformers.

How about the FACT that Hello Kitty and her friends don’t all live in one shared multiverse?! Let’s not forget the hilarious reenactment of the infamous Star Trek Helmet.

Make it so! Transform and ROLL OUT!

Where Did It Come From?

Stories like these are the brainchild of Brian Volk-Weiss. A nerd amongst nerds! A titan of tv production! He has a history of working with comedians as a producer, working with several great names such as Craig Ferguson and the AGT alum Preacher Lawson. You can tell his love of his craft by the way his storytelling comes through in his Netflix series.

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Stay tuned to THS as we have an EXCLUSIVE interview with Mr. Brian Volk-Weiss, which we will be posting up on November 14th, a day before the Season 3 premiere!