All I have to say is it’s about time we have a fun, gender-swapped Cinderella story. Sneakerella is set in the wild street-sneaker scene of New York City. The story follows El, a young boy who lives in Queens and works in his late mother’s sneaker shop. He has an “evil” step-father, and two step-brothers who live to make his life hell.

However, El isn’t just a boy who loves sneakers. He’s also an incredible sneaker designer with a dream of creating sneakers for Darius King, the legendary basketball star and sneaker tycoon! After a happenstance meeting Kira King, Darius’ youngest daughter, El could possibly make his dream come true, while also finding love for the first time.


While the story of Cinderella isn’t anything new, Sneakerella finds the joy and is such a fun ride. The music is right out of a Lin Manuel Musical (Encanto, In the Heights), but not written by Lin Manuel. Chosen Jacobs (IT, Castle Rock) plays El, the stock boy with big dreams. Jacobs is incredibly charming, with a sweet voice and his chemistry with Lexi Underwood (Kira King) is shocking for those who are so young. 

Somehow, Sneakerella, through its twists on a familiar world and familiar characters manage to make the story feel fresh and new. Jack Salley brings his own personal life into the role of Darius King. If you don’t know, Salley is an NBA All-Star with daughters. So, this role is very personal to him on many levels.

My favorite character is El’s BFF Sami played by Devyn Nekoda! Everyone needs a friend like her. She believes in El, pushes him to be better, and supports him in everything he does. 


My only issue is the runtime. The film comes in at just under 2 hours, which makes it lull in the middle. It seems this 2-hour runtime is becoming a new normal when it’s honestly a detriment to most films, including this one. If the film had snipped 10 mins off, the pacing would be perfect along with the rest of the storytelling.

So, are you ready for Sneakerella? Make sure to watch on Disney+, Friday, May 13th! 

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