The Mandalorian might be coming very soon to Disney+, but you still have to wait a couple weeks. To tide us all over, the Star Wars twitter, surprised everyone with some new posters from the show. This is our first major look at the costumes and overall feel for these new characters. So let’s dive in and see what we can see from these posters.

The Mandalorian Himself On a Poster

The Mandalorian

Starting off with our Mandalorian himself, this poster isn’t the first look we’ve had at him, but it’s definitely enough to keep Star Wars fans salivating at the thought of what he could do. Pedro Pascal has some big shoes to fill in the Star Wars universe, but this poster goes a long way to assuaging Star Wars fans fears.

Greef Carga Here Like Apollo Creed

Carl Weathers poster

This poster just goes to show that after all these years, Carl Weathers is just a genuine bad-ass. His filmography speaks for itself, so he’s perfect for a show like The Mandalorian. Not much is known about his character but I’d expect him to be a mentor figure for Pascal’s Mandalorian. These posters are evoking a somewhat western feel from them, so hopefully there’s some good action and western style shootouts in the show.

Gina Carano Strikes Action Gold Again

Gina Carano poster

Gina Carano’s poster brings out a different style than the first two action walking shots. Hers is that of someone pondering a choice. Could this be a look into her character and her motivations? We’ll have to see November 12th when The Mandalorian comes out. For now, we’ll just have to guess and imagine what she’ll be like.

Not IG-88, So Don’t Soil Yourself


It sure looks like IG-88 though. Star Wars fans were rabid at the thought of the craziest bounty hunter in the universe being on this show. But it’s actually Taika Waititi portraying IG-11. Boy oh boy, this poster is probably the one that gets me the most excited for the show. That’s a big ass gun in this droid’s hands. Taika Waititi has shown himself more than capable to bring the most life out of characters in his career also, so I can’t wait to see what he does on the show.

Kuiil Approaches

Mystery Character poster

Here we have a poster for Kuiil. Who exactly is this character? I don’t know. That’s a mystery for your first watch of The Mandalorian then. That’s what this show is all about though. It’s about the intrigue of the outer Star Wars universe. The space between the Skywalker Saga. That area that’s unexplored by all the collective minds that love Star Wars. We’ll know everything when the show comes out though.

Here’s to hoping The Mandalorian meets and decimates all of our expectations on November 12th, when Disney+ and the show opens for business.

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