Fans of Korean boy bands might be familiar with a particular band called BTS. Their name is an acronym for Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄소년단, lit. Bulletproof Boy Scouts), and they’re the biggest name in K-pop in the 21st century. It’s probably why Disney has such an obsession with them. All starting with BTS: PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA on Disney+ back in 2022, of course. Now though, it looks like this Korean boy band is all set to return to Disney+ in the form of a documentary titled BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star. Don’t believe me? Then why not check out the trailer for that documentary below, and see what all the hype is for yourself?

BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star ~ Details

I swear, this is like Turning Red‘s 4*Town gone real life.

Disney is proud to announce BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star with that date announcement trailer above on YouTube. This will be a docuseries diving deep into the Korean boy band BTS, and I do mean deep. This upcoming Disney+ docuseries will feature “never-before-seen interviews, performances and behind-the-scenes moments with RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook“. In fact, there’s so much content that this docuseries will consist of 8 episodes. Disney even has a full list of those episodes for us to peruse. You can check them out below:

  • 1 – The Beginning
  • 2 – Adolescence
  • 3 – Pursuit of Happiness
  • 4 – Disconnected
  • 5 – Welcome!
  • 6 – Begin and Again
  • 7 – Still Purple
  • 8 – Promise For Tomorrow
BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star key visual.
Why does this key visual tell us nothing about the docuseries?

So when are we going to get to see this docuseries? Well, Disney reveals that BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star will make its debut on December 20, 2023. In fact, that debut will be a 2-episode premiere, with 2 more episodes streaming every Wednesday after that. As you might expect though, this docuseries will be a Disney+ exclusive. Thus, you will need a paid subscription to watch this docuseries.