If you weren’t completely off the rails hyped for Disney+’s The Mandalorian, this final trailer should be all you need. Without going into too much detail, the trailer shows off all we wanted to know about the show. It doesn’t spoil anything, but it affirms our beliefs about the show. All of our characters shown from the posters earlier today are represented. We even get to hear a bit of Pedro Pascal in that classic Boba Fett vocal style.

If this show isn’t the perfect thing for Disney+ to market exactly what they’re all about, I don’t know what is. Make no mistake though. This show doesn’t look to be squeaky clean like some other Star Wars properties. It’s gritty looking, it’s got a style of it’s own, and it looks like it’ll distance itself from the well established material. Our main character of the Mandalorian, is mysterious, but we know from this trailer just what his motivations are about.

The Mandalorians in general aren’t a super explored region of Star Wars fandom or from established material in the canon. So if anything, this show should be a good look into what these people are up to after the Rebels win the war.

The Mandalorian debuts November 12th, the same day that Disney+ launches around the world. If you need information about Disney+ you can check out their website here.

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All images and video are courtesy of Disney.