Disney recently revealed a long list of shows that will stream on their new streaming service Disney+. The list contained a few surprises from the past including, Star Trek: The Stone Generation. Those not familiar with Star Trek: The Stone Generation may know it by another name – GARGOYLES!

Birth of Stone Heroes


Back in October of 1994, Gargoyles debuted and began its 61 episode, 2.5 year run. A group of stone giants from 994 are suspended in time for a thousand years. They wake in 1994 New York when their castle is transported from Scotland and reconstructed “above the clouds” as prophecy stated. Goliath and hsi crew became modern day protectors.

The show set new heights for story telling and maturity at the time. It used ongoing stories and complex plot ideas that drew from many sources including the likes of Shakespeare. The show really was ahead of its time. It remains one of the few cartoons that can hold up over time.

Star Trek: The Stone Generation

Gargoyles featured a great host of voice talent. The deep, resonant voice of Keith David gave life to the Gargoyles leader Goliath. Along side him chimed the voices of Frank Welker (Megatron), Ed Asner, John Rhys-Davies (Gimli), and many, many others, but where Star Trek came in started with the lead antagonist, Zanatos, voiced by none other than Jonathan Frakes (William Riker) himself. Riker did not stand alone however. Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Kate Mulgrew, Nichelle Nichols, Brent Spiner, Levar Burton, and Mean Colmey also gave life to characters through out the series. If you were a Trek actor in the 90’s, this seemed to be the show to join.

A Cult Begs For an Awakening

Gargoyles did well during its run, but it eventually fell to the way side. There it slept like its namesake would imply. When the 80’s received new life on television and cinema thanks to 80’s classic remakes such as GI Joe, Transformers and everything else, fans have begged and pleaded to bring this masterpiece of a cartoon back to life.

In 2018, Jordan Peele made an impassioned plea to Disney to let him bring the series back from the stony grave, but Disney said no. Rumor suggested Disney thought too little of the series and that no one would know what it was. Heaven forbid a great director reintroduce a new concept into today’s world. No one else has succeeded in pitching any type of idea that would revive this show, but now things may be changing.

Gargoyles Meet Modern Day Crucible

Finally the castle has risen above the clouds and new life for this amazing show could be at hand – IF they pass the test. Gargoyles was released at one point on DVD, but they are extremely hard to locate. Now in 2019, Disney+ will be adding them to their streaming service. This could prove to be the first test for future life for this show.

If no one watches the show on Disney+, they will lose nothing and go about their merry way, leaving Ggargoyles encased in stone forever; However, should this second life on streaming garner many viewers and interest becomes clear from the numbers viewing the show, Disney may finally give the green light to bring the show into the modern era either as a new streaming series or big screen movie.

Netflix revamped many old cartoons successfully such as She-Ra, He-Man, Voltron and more. Can Disney do the same for Gargoyles? The future actually lays in our hands.