Wrestling broadcasting legend, Tony Schiavone.

AEW is reporting that commentating legend, Tony Schiavone has signed a multi-year deal to provide commentary and be a lead producer for All Elite Wrestling. Schiavone will be on full-time in the booth. He’ll be joined by fellow legend, Jim Ross and Excalibur.

Schiavone will be a busy man coming up as he’s going to continue his commitments to the University of Georgia broadcasting as well. Tony had previously been a commentator for WCW during the Monday Night Wars. He’s been in the business for many years and now the two lead commentators from that era are together in one booth.

What This Means for AEW

AEW is going to have two familiar voices in their booth for TV and PPV events now. In addition to Excalibur, it makes for one all-star group calling the action in-ring. Schiavone can provide a voice that some wrestling fans haven’t heard in many years. That’s a big coup for AEW as they now have the product for current fans but a recognizable duo in JR and Tony.

Cody Rhodes had this to say about Tony: “Tony ‘The Silver Tongue’ Schiavone was the lead voice of pro wrestling at a time when it was dominating the globe, it’s a pleasure to have him join AEW as a senior producer and member of the broadcast team. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a UGA fan either. I think Tony is one of the most underrated lead men with the narrative of pro wrestling there’s ever been. I’m thrilled to get into the studio with him. Let’s welcome Tony to All Elite Wrestling.”

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