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Countless memes have been made describing the hell this wait for the final season of Game of Thrones has been for fans. The wait is finally reaching its conclusion. It is disappointing to think there are only 6 episodes left in the series, but we were led to believe each would be a solid two hours right? Not so fast.

Run times on the final episodes have been released and they are shorter than we hoped, in the case of the first two episodes, much shorter. Here are the run times for the last six episodes of the series:

Episode 68: 54 minutes – April 14
Episode 69: 58 minutes – April 21
Episode 70: 60 minutes – April 28
Episode 71: 78 minutes – May 5
Episode 72: 80 minutes – May 12
Episode 73: 80 minutes – May 19

As you can see, the first three episodes only clock in at 60 minutes or less. While slightly longer than most normal episodes of series that run about 44 mins, it is shorter than the 1.5 to 2 hours per episode we were hoping for. The final three episodes do, however, clock in at a massive hour and twenty minutes.

Quality Over Quantity

While more time is always wanted and the Quality of GoT has never been questioned, it really does show how seriously creators are taking this final season. The positive spin to the shorter episodes show that the episodes are only long enough to cover what needs to be covered.

Creators could EASILY bloat each episode with extra footage to make them all hit 1.5 hours. There are more than enough characters and verbal fights and marches ahead to expand any episode to whatever length they want. Instead they are making each episode the length they need to be to tell the story.

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The final episodes being so much longer suggest the amount of time spent on the battles will be epic. Many of the stars promise it will be more than any one could dream. There is little doubt the show will set all sorts of records for battle sizes, amounts spent to create such battles, and no doubt record viewership.

Remember These Moments

There are a few times in the history of television that stand out and last through out the ages, moments that people will never forget. I have zero doubt these final episodes and end to the series will be such a moment in time. Enjoy what is to come!

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“We’ve discovered that a single moment in time can be a universe in itself. Full of powerful forces.”

Anij – Star Trek Insurrection