It’s that most magical time of the year again: New York Comic-Con! Today we bring you a preview of an immersive experience brought to you by Amazon Prime Video and Element Media…. Step into The Expanse at NYCC 2019!

Journey into deep space with The Expanse

You can see from initial images that this “ship” will be fully immersive. The experience is sure to be great for any science fiction fan. There’s something for everyone as you journey into the Expanse. From the new guy who’s never seen the show, to that fan who will find every minute Easter egg hidden about the ship, there’s plenty to entertain!

But what in the belt does it do?

Upon entering the Expanse experience, you’ll be transported aboard the Rocinante A.k.a. Roci, a Corvette-class light frigate. The Expanse ambassadors will instruct guests on what to expect inside the ship. additionally, they’ll brief these brave explorers on their one-way mission to boldly step out into the unknown. The Hollywood-level detailed spacecraft will amaze attendees as they journey to the upcoming season’s distant new setting.

Likewise, guests will even STAR in their own recreations of the Season 4 artwork. They’ll dramatically take their first steps on New Terra – or Ilus, depending on your allegiance. This will definitely be a must-do photo-op!

There will be a ton of authentic Expanse props and flickering screens, as well as an array of Easter eggs and show references. Additionally, there are even Snapchat-enabled Belter tattoos! Everyone will find something to draw them deeper into The Expanse’s distinctive universe.

Are you excited about this EXPANSIVE experience!? Let us know in the comments below. Make sure to stay with That Hashtag Show for everything trending in geek and NYCC pop culture!