Brock Lesner’s WWE contract expiration date has been a topic of speculation, but we now know when it will expire. 

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer we now know WWE will have Lesner until May or June of 2020.  

Lesner has been a mysterious figure who appears out of thin air to take someone to Suplex City for the last few years.  To make matters worse he was the Universal Champion for most of that time. It is really hard for wrestlers to challenge for a wrestler’s title when he is never there.  However, Lesner had to defend the title throughout the universe hence the Universal Championship. It is not an easy thing, but Lesner is a tough SOB.

WWE Brock Lesner
Courtesy Of WWE

Is Lesner Retiring?

Rumors had been circulating that Lesner would make one last go in the UFC and his contract would end soon.  However, Lesner is now officially retired from the UFC. We don’t know if Lesner will renew his contract with WWE come mid-2020.  In the past he would use going back to the UFC to get more money. However, he can’t do that anymore. Lesner has a pretty cushy position with the WWE right now.  He works on an extremely limited schedule and makes some serious money.  It is unknown how many appearances he has left on his WWE contract, but we can count on seeing him at least a few more times.  In May he won the Money in the Bank briefcase and has not cashed in as of yet.

Should Lesner Retire?

Personally I can see Lesner going for one more contract term before he retires.  He still looks good in the ring and because of his limited schedule doesn’t look to have any nagging injuries.  However, he is and has always been a wildcard. He left WWE in his prime before to try and play pro football. Lesner could just get a crazy idea and decide to leave.

As for the WWE I think Lesner should retire.  He is built up too strong and him losing to anyone other than Braun Strowman is not believable.  Seth Rollins beat Lesner, but he had to use illegal tactics to do so. This is want happens when a wrestler is made to look unbeatable.  It makes he or she losing a huge pain to have lose convincingly.

If Lesner leaves it opens up a spot on the roster which talented wrestlers can fill.  Three wrestlers who come to mind who can take that spot at the top tier are Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and Rusev.

It will be interesting to see what happens come May or June of 2020 as to if Lesner hangs up his wrestling boots or makes one last run.

Do you think he should make one last go or should he board up Suplex City come mid-2020?



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