Jinder Mahal has signed a new contract with WWE.

According to ProWrestlingSheet Mahal has signed a 5-year contract with WWE.  The modern day Maharajah returned to WWE in 2016. In an unrelated note maharajah is an Indian king or prince.  I never knew what a maharajah was, but I have always wondered. Mahal is apparently a modern day king, but I think that may be kayfabe.  However, if they bring back King of the Ring and wins he can copy 90 percent of the other KOTR winners and call himself a king.

Mahal Not The Only One With A New Contract

Some other WWE Superstars who have signed multi-year contracts with WWE recently are Mike and Maria Kannellis and Mojo Rawley.

Shortly after Mahal resigned with WWE he was teaming with Rusev. However, this team floundered and quickly disbanded. The following months led into the high point of Mahal’s career to this point.

WWE Jinder Mahal
Courtesy Of WWE

Mahal’s Title Reigns

In May of 2017 Mahal defeated Randy Orton at Backlash for the WWE Championship.  This was Mahal’s first title in WWE.  He was the WWE Champion for 170 days, but eventually lost the title to AJ Styles.  Mahal had a reign as the United States Champion as well.

Mahal enjoyed a short time as the top guy on Smackdown Live and it looked like WWE was really aiming to make him their next big star.  However, he failed to make a real connection with the fans other than people’s enjoyment of the word maharajah.

After a time where everyone forgot Mahal was employed with WWE he resurfaced.  Currently he is in title contention over the 24/7 Championship. He has two reigns as the champion, but was unfortunately pinned while sleeping on a plane.

Maybe AEW Would Be Better For Him

I don’t think resigning with WWE was exactly the right move for Mahal.  He is a joke in WWE, but he is a big imposing figure. His mic skills are ok and his in-ring work is ok.  However, I don’t see WWE giving him another big opportunity as a WWE or United States/Intercontinental champion anytime soon.  AEW is hungry for ex-WWE talent. It would have been a great opportunity to reestablish himself as a top talent. It would have been wise for him to jump over before AEW has no room left.

Since Mahal is sticking with WWE for a little while longer do you think he can have another WWE Championship run or a Universal Championship run? 



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