Jon Moxley has become the new IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion! He defeated Juice Robinson at last night’s Best of the Super Juniors Finals. The event took place in the historic Ryogoku Sumo Hall. With action happening not just in the ring, but outside it as well.

For weeks on NJPW, videos were shown of a mysterious person in a bar. Images of Juice Robinson were shown during these videos, and the match was set with Robinson set to face the mysterious “X”. Last week, it was revealed that Jon Moxley was behind the videos. A frustrated Robinson was ready for the challenge, however.

Jon Moxley: Champion

Moxley dawned a new look in his first match post-WWE. Coming from the crowd in a very Shield-estc entrance. Wearing black trunks with yellow barbed on the thigh, and amateur wrestling shoes. The match started off hot, and resembled more of a brawl than anything else. Besides his double-arm DDT and his tope suicida, it was a whole new repertoire for Moxley.

Jon Moxley and Juice Robinson in a NJPW ring before their IWGP United States Championship
The calm before the brawl

Moxley mainly worked over Robinson’s forehead, trying to open Juice’s head the hard way. With punches raining down above his left eye, and also resulting to biting Juice as well. The action quickly spilled to the outside, and stayed there for a good portion of the match. The match ended when Moxley hit the new version of his double-arm DDT, The Death Rider:

With Moxley’s victory, he becomes the first wrestler to hold both the IWGP and WWE United States championships. It also shows that Moxley will be indeed sticking around in New Japan for more than one match. No announcement has been made on when Moxley’s next match will be, or whom he will be facing. But the wrestling world will be all ears when it happens.