The Caves of Wonder

Rey multiplies in the dark cave
Rey Forever

For being caves of dark side energies, the caves in the Star Wars saga have been awfully friendly to our heroes.  The cave on Dagobah gave Luke the image that would stop him from falling to the dark side. The cave on Ach-Too may have given the scavenger from Jakku the very answer she sought regarding Rey’s lineage.

In the whole cave scene Rey walks up to see a line of her selves.  Once she touches it, the line of Rey’s goes on forever in either direction until we see her before the glass again.  She asks about her parents.  Two shadows approach her. As they get closer, they merge into one form.  The fog of the glass clears and before her stands – her.  If she were in fact a clone, she would be her own source. There would be no real parents.  She is the latest in a line of clones stretching on for countless attempts or trials.

One Last Clue to Rey’s Lineage

There is one more oddity that still sticks with me.  Back in her first fight with Kylo, watch Rey’s form.  Her fighting style mirrors Sidious’ type from Revenge of the Sith almost exactly.  If she is indeed a clone, her origins would have to be tied to Sidious in some manner.  Perhaps he encoded his style of fighting in her programming.

Maybe Rey is a clone.  Maybe she is not, but I’d bet one way or another cloning will factor in to Episode IX.  Rey being a clone plays into a great deal of Star Wars and its history from 1977 until today.  I guess we wait and see what JJ Abrams does with Rey’s lineage in six months.