Battlefield 5: Close Quarters

Fans asked, and the Battlefield Developers listened. Battlefield 5 will feature two brand-new close-quarter maps both of which drop this summer. These maps were designed and tailored for intimate infantry combat. Players will have to use teamwork, skill, and adaption to take down the enemy.

On the Lofoten Islands map, players will be destroying an explosives production factory. Meanwhile, on the Provence map, players will be able to unseat the Axis occupation.

Operation Underground

Coming this fall, players will finally see a new Operation Underground map launched into the game.

Battlefield 5

This map is inspired by the old Operation Métro map from Battlefield 3. The map will offer tight, infantry-focused action. But will also have more flexibility, new and fun ways to get around.

Players will utilize different playstyles as they fight through urban streets, courtyards, and even service tunnels, for a few examples.

Battlefield 5: The Pacific Theater

Also announced and teased was a little preview for what’s coming this fall when Chapter 5 launches.

This next chapter will take players to the Pacific Theater. And among the new maps launching is a redesign of the Iwo Jima map. Japan will also be introduced as a faction when this next chapter released later this year.

All in all, these next two chapters of Battlefield 5 look like they feature some amazing new game play mechanics, and rich stories to be told.

Source: EA