This past weekend Challengers proved to be a worthy opponent at the box office and took the top spot easily.

A Smash At The Box Office


As per Box Office Mojo, Challengers took the first place spot, earning $15 million. This is slightly above the estimated $7 million to $12 million it was estimated to make. Undoubtedly Zendaya’s supportive fanbase and social media buzz for the movie proved helpful in it exceeding expectations. In fact, when PostTrak audiences were polled and asked what was the main reason why they went to see the movie; 55% of audience members said it was to see Zendaya.

The movie is also the biggest debut for director Luca Guadagnino at the box office. His last film, Bones and All, earned a total of $7.8 million back in 2022.

While the movie is enjoying some success at the box office, it may also find some audience reluctance as the movie is an Amazon MGM production and is bound for release on Prime Video sometime in the near future. How that timeline looks now that the movie has some box office success remains to be seen; but some audiences could be holding out for a streaming release.

Rounding Out The Top Five

Unsung Hero came in second with $7.8 million at the box office. It was also projected to earn $7 million to $14 million but faith based films are always unpredictable as the films truly rely on their core audience to find success. For some reason, the audience didn’t come out as much as the distributor had thought.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire held onto the third place spot at the box office with $7.2 million.

Civil War dropped from first last week to fourth this week with $7 million. It did vacate from 411 theatres so it certainly was to be expected, and is still a strong box office presence for distributor A24.

Abigail rounded out the top five dropping from second to fifth. It made $5.2 million.

Next Weekend

Next weekend sees the release of two new movies, The Fall Guy and Tarot.

The Fall Guy is tracking for a $20 million to $40 million debut. Which will undoubtedly put it in the first place spot. Tarot has no tracking available but I’d be surprised if it made more than $5 million next weekend.

As always we’ll find out next week!

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