E3 2019 began today and is now in full swing. Today featured the EA Play event where fans were treated to a slew of announcements. First up was the all-new game play trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. For many, however, the more exciting news came from a bunch of new Battlefield 5 announcements.

Battlefield 5’s Chapter 4: Defying The Odds is set to release in just a few weeks on June 27th. This next chapter will take layers to three brand-new maps, and the highly anticipated Operation Underground map.

The three new maps will each roll out over the course of this summer. Each map is distinct and different and will feature all new enemies.

Battlefield 5: Welcome To Al Sundan

The first Battlefield 5 map to roll out is the Al Sundan map. This new map is taking players to the North African Desert, and is based off the map from the single player war story, Under No Flag. This map is also classic Battlefield and perfect for all-out, multiplayer combat. This location will focus on long distances, vehicle-based team play, and battles across all ranges. This will a good map for those who play with their friends.


Map 2 is the Marita Map. Following the release of the Mercury Map, players will be heading back to Greece to continue the fight there. On this map, players deploy onto a sloping mountain ridge. Within the tight streets of this rural town, the Allies are making a last stand against the Axis Army.

Marita is going to be an infantry-focused map, so all of the Soldier Classes will be able to shine. The tanks and aircrafts will step aside for some intense infantry gunfights and sneaky flanks in the cobbled brick streets of the town.