This is the first live-action material that featured Gremlins in 31 years, ever since Gremlins 2: The New Batch in 1990. And as it turns out, it’s a commercial for Mountain Dew. Well, I guess there are worse things to advertise.

Oh, Billy, when are you ever going to learn that feeding Gremlins in general is a Bad Idea?

The premise of this Gremlins Mountain Dew ad is pretty simple. Little…well, big Billy Peltzer now (still played by Zach Galligan), is drinking a bottle of Mountain Dew Zero Sugar. It’s exactly what it sounds like, Mountain Dew but made with artificial sweeteners. So of course, when Gizmo begs in an adorable voice for some, Billy thinks that it wouldn’t harm anyone if he gave the little guy some. Probably thought that the zero sugar bit meant that it didn’t count as food. Well, it probably doesn’t, but he forgot what Mountain Dew contains a lot of water.

So of course, Gizmo splashes some of the Mountain Dew on himself. The little guy quickly starts popping out more gremlins from his back, all the while squeaking “Too tasty!”. Yeah, even Billy’s daughter when she walks in rolls her eyes at him. The gremlin on her shoulder even pulls a Xiao Mei and copies her for added effect. Maybe this time, Billy will learn not to feed the little guy, no matter how adorably he begs for it. Maybe.

Fullmetal Alchemist scene featuring May Chang and Xiao Mei, doing basically what the gremlin did.
Definitely seeing the resemblance here.

Gremlins Ad: Verdict?

Gizmo mouthing a Mountain Dew bottle in Gremlins ad.
Hard to argue with cuteness.

All in all, I actually liked this Gremlins-themed Mountain Dew ad. You know how you sometimes get these commercials that you watch all the way through because they’re so amusing or funny? Well, I would definitely count this ad as one of them. With the humor, the ever-adorable Gizmo, and all the nods to Gremlins fans, this is definitely a very watchable ad. Indeed, I’d put it on the level of the ads featuring Captain Obvious, really.

I know, you didn’t come here just to watch another ad. But this might be worth your time.

And really, in the world of ads, there are worse things to advertise than sugar-free Mountain Dew. Much worse.


Gremlins just got its first live-action material in 31 years. Unfortunately, it’s an ad for sugar-free Mountain Dew. Fortunately, it’s actually pretty entertaining. Don’t agree? Watch the ad for yourself and decide if you think it’s worth watching.