Have you ever wanted your living room to be just like the one on your favorite TV show? Well thanks to IKEA it now is possible, well for a couple shows. IKEA has announced its “the Real Life Series” and you will be amazed once you see these sets.

Make your living room famous with IKEA

IKEA has just made fans of the shows Stranger Things, The Simpsons, and Friends very happy by recreating the living rooms set from these shows. That’s right with the new “the Real Life Series” you can now race to the same couch that is on the Simpsons, wait for a message from Will, or sit around with your friends and put your head in a turkey.

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Vinod Jayan, Managing Director – IKEA UAE, Egypt and Oman, said:

“The Real-Life Series truly embodies the IKEA mission to create a better everyday life for the many people. We wanted to show all our customers here in the UAE how they could bring to life the iconic living spaces they see in their favorite shows. Like the selected television shows, IKEA appeals to the many, regardless of their background or living situation.”

IKEA Stranger Things

How to find them

Now when looking on IKEA’s sites you won’t find these rooms by the name of the shows, I’m guessing they do not have the rights for that. Instead you will find them under “room for everyone” (Stranger Things) the “room for families,” (The Simpsons) and the “room for mates.” (Friends) You can see all these by clicking here.

Now these series links will not show up on the US IKEA page but don’t worry, you can find the products by getting the name of the item and doing a product search for them.

IKEA Friends

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