Turn back the clock to 1985. Ronald Reagan was president, CDs were introduced and the first version of Windows was released. But that’s not all 1985 brought us. The Coca-Cola Company also gave us New Coke which was not one of their better moves. So why am I bringing this all up? Well 1985 will be the setting of Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 3. And Stranger Things and Coke are celebrating this by bringing back the New Coke flavor.

New Coke

Coke turning back the clock in Stranger Things 3

That’s right for the older viewers get ready to take you taste buds back in time. Also for you that have never tasted it this is now your chance for a limited time. Stranger Things and Coke have partnered together to bring us back to 1985. For a limited time you can order a limited edition Coke set that includes two bottles of Coke with special Stranger Things inspired labels and two cans of New Coke.

Stranger Things New Coke

That’s not all you can get

Coke and Stranger Things have also turned back the clock for some clothing as well. You can travel back in time and buy New Coke’s limited edition throwback collection. But that’s not all you can get, there is also limited edition Stranger Things apparel as well. Coke as done a great job making you feel like it is 1985 again. Even the web-page has been made to look retro. To see these sweet throwback items just click here to visit Coke’s throwback page.

Stranger things coke shirt

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