Numerous Cody Rhodes’ trademark patents have been reportedly rejected by United States Patent and Trademark Office.

According to Rhodes has had some of the patents he filed in March rejected by the patent office.  Rhodes trying to trademark names and events first came to light a few months ago. The first big trademark application was for Bash At The Beach.

Cody Rhodes Loves Bash At The Beach

Bash At The Beach was a WCW PPV which occurred from 1994 to 2000. The PPV hosted one of the biggest events in wrestling history.  At the 1996 Bash At The Beach Hulk Hogan turned heel and was officially announced as the third man to join Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.  This in turn was the creation of the NWO. This PPV has a great history and was the WCW counterpart to WWE’s Summerslam.

However, this trademark was reportedly denied by the USPTO based on WWE’s trademark of “The Bash” and it was thought it would cause confusion.  However, I could not find a trademark for “The Bash” on the USPTO website. What I did find a trademark for was for The Great American Bash which WWE owns the trademark for.  However, perhaps it was too similar to The Great American Bash.

“Similarity in sound, appearance, and/or meaning may be sufficient to support a finding of likelihood of confusion, depending on the relatedness of the goods and/or services.”

United States Patent and Trademark Office
WCW Bash at the Beach
WCW Bash At The Beach Courtesy Of WWE

A History Of Old Wrestling Matches

However, Rhodes has filed a trademark for two other event names.  The two other event names also have wrestling lineage behind them, Bunkhouse Stampede and BattleBowl.  

Bunkhouse Stampede was a match first seen in Jim Crockett Promotions from 1985 through 1988.  The match was a battle royal style, but all wrestlers wore blue jeans, cowboy hats and other “country gear”.  The match was held four times, but Dusty Rhodes won every year.

BattleBowl match concept was used four times in 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1996.  The match was a tag tournament, but the teams were randomly paired from a drawing called the lethal lottery.  However, the winning tag teams would wrestle in an over-the-top battle royal to determine the winner.

Cody Rhodes Filed Trademarks On Some Names

Rhodes also filed a trademark for his father’s name, Dusty Rhodes.  It was reported he was denied this trademark because it was too similar to his brother, Dustin Rhodes, who has a trademark on his name.

A trademark was not just filed for Dusty’s name, but in fact Cody Rhodes filed trademarks for his own nicknames.  These include The American Nightmare, The American Dream and The Prince of Wrestling.

Sources Please

According to USPTO has approved The American Nightmare, The American Dream, The Prince of Wrestling, Bunkhouse Stampede and BattleBowl.  However, the problem is I can not find a source for the approval or denial of these trademarks anywhere.  

I can confirm via USPTO’s website Cody Rhodes has applied for all these trademarks.  However, I was unable to see if they were approved or denied. I was unable to find a source for these approval or denial claims anywhere on the internet.  Most sites plagiarized WrestlingInc’s article, but only Bleacher Report didn’t and only they sourced to WrestlingInc. However, in fact most websites copy and pasted right from WrestlingInc.

If Cody or anyone else at AEW is reading this Souled Out, SuperBrawl and Road Wild look to be available.  However, to repay my research for you tickets to a AEW PPV will gladly be accepted.


United States Patent and Trademark Office

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