Cody Rhodes has been busy, according to reports from Mike Johnson at Rhodes filed trademarks earlier this week that would bring a smile to his father’s face. The terms “Battlebowl”, “Bash at the Beach”, and “Bunkhouse Stampede” were filed for trademark.

Bash at the Beach will be a term that 90’s wrestling fans will be familiar with. The show would center around, you guest it, a beach theme. The WCW pay-per-view would take place in July, and ran from 1994 to 2000. The most famous of which saw Hulk Hogan turn his back on WCW, and join Kevin Nash and Scott Hall as the “third man”. If this was to become an All Elite Wrestling event, we know they have an unnamed event happening in July.

The Bunkhouse Stampede

One of two Dusty Rhodes creations filed for trademark this week

Both “The Bunkhouse Stampede” and “Battlebowl” were Cody’s father’s creations. The Bunkhouse Stampede is described as a “no holds barred steel cage battle royal”. The winner was awarded a large bronze cowboy boot, a concept that is somewhat being used in NXT today. Dusty Rhodes was the winner of all four matches from 1985 to 1988. It is also the title of Jim Crockett Promotion’s first PPV in 1987.

Cody Rhodes Trademarks “Battlebowl”

Cody Rhodes also filed to trademark Battlebowl. Like The Bunkhouse Stampede, Battlebowl is another Dusty Rhodes creation. It was a main part of Starrcade 1991 and 1992, and was given it’s own PPV in 1993. Being dubbed the “Lethal Lottery”, heels and faces would draw names from a bowl to determine their tag team partners for the night. The winning teams would be entered in the Battlebowl battle royal at the end of the night. It was an interesting concept that would give us such pairings as The Great Muta and Barry Windham or Big Van Vader and Dustin Rhodes.

Rhodes Trademarks

While the WCW version of Battlebowl only lasted three years, other iterations of this concept have taken place. Total Nonstop Action had four “Joker’s Wild” events, where the winner would receive a cash prize. CHIKARA also held a La Loteria Letal tournament in 2008 of the same concept as the original.

The term “Prince of Wrestling” was also filed by Cody, which one could speculate would be his new moniker. All Elite Wrestling appears to be trying to make what was once old new again with these filings. Hopefully we see some more show announcements (and that television deal for goodness sake) soon. AEW’s next event, Double or Nothing, will take place on May 25th in Las Vegas.