A new Power Rangers fan film series is slowly gaining popularity: Power Rangers Unworthy. It’s a entertaining series combing new and old ideas from Power Rangers to create a new and unique story.

Power Rangers Unworthy

Power Rangers Unworthy is a team of Rangers from Earth 2-18 facing what might be their greatest foe, The Arbiter, the first Ranger. James Micheal Robinson III serves as suit-actor, and Mike Dent the voice for the Arbiter. The first Ranger’s goal is to purge all Rangers in the multiverse from the Morphin Grid. Also comprising the 2-18 Ranger team are Rocky/Eric Fuchs, Kim/Jenna Garcia, Billy/Jourdan Barnett, Trini/Christine H. Lee, Adam/Gee Javier, Tommy/Angela Jordan. Jourdan Barnett also created and wrote the series. His production team includes, among others: Jenna Garcia (PR manager/creative assistant; Eric Fuchs (fight choreographer); Tay Washington (concept artist/creative assistant). Robinson and Lee serve as Production Assistants as well.

Power Rangers Unworthy
Angela Jordan

Power Rangers: Unworthy

Their first episode premiered at Power Morphicon’s fan film contest in 2018 and won first place. However, they just recently uploaded episode 2 parts 1 & 2 to their YouTube channel Unworthy Productions. Their first two episodes are really fun and entertaining, with in-suit and civilian fight scenes. Likewise, the Arbiter is a great threatening villain. Their updated Ranger suit designs are feel genuinely unique even though they are based on the MMPR suits. I also love that they have a female Green Ranger. They are combing new and old ideas to create a fun yet distinct story.

The Arbiter

They are currently starting a Indiegogo (which you can visit HERE) to help fund episode 3 & 4 of their 6 episode series. Their Indiegogo likewise hints towards the future of the series (such as bringing in fan favorites villains and new Rangers). They also tease another fan film series about their own Teen Titans called Titans: Together.
Seeing what they’ve been able to do so far, I’m excited to see what they do next.

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